Malabar Magic

The other morning I headed over to Malabar to shoot the sunrise at this awesome pool. At this time of year the sun is rising between the heads. The pool was originally built in the late 1890’s but looked nothing like it’s current shape. The real rock pool with proper walls that came later was at first over 150m long and must have covered a good part of the southern side of Long Bay. But this pool suffered from poorly regulated sewage outlets even up to the early 1990s, when a new outfall was finally built. This is a great pool have you ever been there?

Mahon magic

So i got up early yesterday and went out for a quick sunrise even though i knew there was some rain on it’s way. When i got up and looked out the window it just looked grey and gloomy but i thought i could see a small hint of light over the hill towards the horizon and so i got myself ready and raced out the door. I got to Mahon Pool and set up looking for a good perspective and i thought i might take the chance to shoot the pool from down low with no one in it on a still morning. Just as i set up i managed to get off a couple of shots before the rain hit and i had to abandon the shoot!  On the way back to the car there was an amazing colour display with light popping out one side of the sunrise and the rain on the other. 🙂


It was a great start to the day this morning. I headed over to Coogee beach with my friend Anthony for sunrise and it didn’t disappoint. We got the right tide with some nice waves and some spectacular clouds. Topped off with a good laugh and a coffee how can you have a bad day after that 🙂