On a recent road trip of the East Coast of Oz I was told abut this beautiful place 20 kilometres south of Gladstone in QLD and i was so glad I stopped in.

These were some of the hardest rocks i have ever climbed over! I ended up with cuts all over my hands. Thanks Cape Byron it was so worth it!

I trekked around the headland to get to this spot and it didn’t disappoint. Malabar Headland is my favourite go to spot.

I love how you have distinct layers at this place it is so great to capture sunrise at. Mahon Pool Maroubra.

Some of the beautiful rock formations along the coastline. Maroubra beach.

Cape Banks is another great location in the south side of Sydney.

This amazing rock formation is right at the southern end of Cape Banks at the entrance to Botany Bay.

There is so much to see around the entrance to Botany Bay the fisherman in particular love this place.

This is one of the most photographed places in Sydney. There are people there taking wedding photos every day of the year!!! Bare Island Botany Bay.

Once again i managed to get very very wet taking this shot. I actually thought i was going in the pool for sure!!! Mahon Pool Maroubra.

One of the amazing pools that are all along the coastline in Sydney. Malabar Pool.

I managed to run down the beach and catch this moonrise one night. I also managed to get very very wet!!! Maroubra beach.

The cliffs around the Sydney coastline offer so many awesome perspectives. Malabar Headland.

Malabar Headland is such an amazing place with so many spots to see the sunrise. I saw 2 seals swim past while i took this shot! Magic Point Maroubra.

I captured this amazing sunrise at South Maroubra Headland. I always feel so blessed to live near the ocean.

One of my favourite places in the World. The rock formations are truly amazing. Crescent Head.