So last week I decided to go and explore somewhere I had never been to but had heard a lot about. Cathedral rocks located just outside of Kiama was the location after seeing some beautiful images from there and also this painting. It was painted by Augustus Earle in 1827 while on his journey around the world painting the landscapes, people, shipboard life and  documenting the aboriginal culture while here in Australia. I find the painting and the theory behind it intriguing as I like to think that I am documenting the places and scenes I travel to ! In the painting you can clearly see the columns formed by lava flow and left there by the erosion by the sea. These rocks are known as Columnar  basalt and owes it’s name to the way the vertical columns are formed during the unique cooling process of this type of lava. 

So off I went leaving home at 3:30 in the morning armed with my camera gear a torch and a fair idea of where I was heading! I arrived at 5am and started the walk down Jones Beach to the southern corner where the Cathedral rocks are located. It’s not an easy walk when you are carrying around 10 kg’s of mozzies on you as well as all of your gear! I arrived and negotiated the tricky climb to the best vantage point to capture the rocks just as the sky started to light up with some beautiful colour. There were only 3 of us there which was also a real bonus. I shot the sunrise from a few different angles and decided to get my own take on the cave just like Mr Earle did nearly 200 years ago. I climbed into the cave and the first thing i realised was how hard it was to shoot with the dark cave and super bright sky so I drew on my experience and Mr Earles inspiration and got a shot I was happy with. As I walked back to the car I was thinking how lucky we are to be able to visit these amazing places and the thrill it must have been for the early explorers to find them in the first place as I know how excited i get when i go to visit them!

Please click the link below to see some of the different angles i shot while at this magical place 🙂