Hi friends I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I would like to wish everyone a very happy and productive 2019! I thought I would start the year with a blog about Summer and just a few of the things I have been up to. So Christmas was spent in my home town of Newcastle and I got to visit some of the iconic locations that I know and love. Getting to go for a walk to the Bogey Hole one morning was a highlight as I have always wanted a shot from above looking down on it. I managed to get 2 different perspectives of that! One with my drone and one with my Olympus camera standing above the pool. Swimming everyday in the ocean while we were there is one of the joys of growing up and living near the ocean. I have also had a couple of great sunrise sessions in the last week especially one morning at Tamarama that started off all foggy and moody and when the sun was about to rise there was some beautiful clouds to start off the day.  A couple of days ago we had my good friend Sophie over for lunch and we went for a great walk in the National Park at Maroubra. Even though it was a hot day we had a great time walking around the coast and looking at the amazing vegetation and the awesome views!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer 🙂